Portable Home Hammock Yoga Set

Portable Home Hammock Yoga Set

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Are These The Reasons That Stop You From Exercising ?

No Time

No Space

Too Hard

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  • Gain full body flexibility
  • Calm & refresh your mind
  • Good for deepening backbend
  • Relieve back pain
  • Enhance blood circulation and metabolism
  • Improve cardiopulmonary health & slow down aging

Effortless installation

Place the door anchor on any sturdy doorpost, close the door, and pass the strap through the D-ring, and you can take the posture to the next level. Just like a portable stretcher!

One simple tool for multiple stretching exercises

Ideal exercise and physiotherapy belt for rehabilitation, stretching, Pilates, dance and gymnastics.

Perform inversion anytime at home

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this versatile aerial hammock kit can be hanged easily on any sturdy and safe structure, such as ceiling mounts, exposed ceiling beams, door frame bars, tree branches, and swing sets.

Stay young & calm your mind

The stretch strap is easy to use and comes with soft cushions to protect your waist, hand and feet. It helps you improve your stretching or yoga skills and makes you feel and look younger.

Perfect For Exercising Where You Want!

How Our Hammock Works?

Made of strong material

max. load of 250 kg/550 lbs, and the material is commonly used in hammock for aerial yoga hammock

Portable & Easy to install on any steady door

Soft door anchors to cushion impact on door frame

More Details On Our Product 


  • 2 door buckle rings
  • 2 adjustable belts
  • 1 hammock
  • 1 storage bag
  • 1 video for stretching full body

Our Hammock Can Perform Well

Downward Dog Training

Beautify the shoulders, straighten the back, stretch the ligaments of the arms and legs, strengthen the waist and abdomen, modify the whole body line.

Enhance Leg Flexibility

Press leg anytime, anywhere, convenient and free to adjust height, suitable for different height, suitable for different exercise intensity.

Handstand Training

Traction and stretch the spine to relax the frame disc. Long-term handstand can promote blood supply to the brain

Flat Support Training



Exercise arm and abdomen, strengthen waist and tail area, exercise abdominal core muscle group.

What Our Customer Said...

Reality has exceeded all expectations. Perfectly fit into our little corner. They hung not at the door, but at the bar. The quality is excellent.

Joyce Lopez


Cool thing for your money!

George Castillo

A nice product.

Anita L

wow its awesome thank you so much



How to install a hammock?

Please follow below step: 1) Buckle the 2 foam wheels on the stretching strap. 2) Slip the 2 foam wheels on the two ends over a front door. 3) Close the door to hold the hammock in place. 4) Adjust the length with the aid of the number scale. 5) Start exercising!

How to wash the hammock?

  • DO NOT use top-loader washing machine
  • Disassemble the carabiners before washing
  • Use gentle laundry detergent
  • Air dry the fabric, DO NOT heat dry

How long is the hammock?

The length of the hammock part is 150cm (60"). The length of training belt is 130cm (51.2") long, 3.8cm (1.5"), 0.21cm (0.08") Thick.

What assemblies are included?

Our Product include:
2 Door buckle rings
2 Training belts
1 Hammock
1 Storage bag
1 video for stretching full body 
How much weight can this hammock hold?

This hammock can hold up to 250kg (550lbs).

Is it tough enough to use?

It’s normal to feel unstable initially, but the hammock is made of yoga-grade material and can support up to 250kg load. Make sure the door for holding the hammock is intact and is shut properly. Enjoy the exercise!

Does hammock material stretch after using a long time?

Our hammock would not stretch, it is made of a strong material that is also commonly used in hammock for aerial yoga.

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