Pro Performance Compression Socks

Pro Performance Compression Socks

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Pro Performance Compression Socks uses graduated compression therapy to improve the circulation in your legs. Graduated compression therapy has been clinically proven to improve blood flow. This means you’ll have more oxygen going to your muscles, more blood returning to your heart, and less build-up of fluids and toxins in your legs.

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Designed with the help of foot and vein specialists
  • Comfortable, breathable and anti-microbial material
  • Does not cut off circulation or leave indents in your skin
  • Multiple sizing options so you get the perfect fit (fits wide calves well)

    How Do Pro Performance Compression Socks Work?

    Healthy blood circulation is the key to great health and Pro Performance Compression Socks contribute a great deal towards that.

    Pro Performance Compression Socks have been found to have the following Benefits:

    • Support Veins
    • Diminish Leg Swelling
    • Boost Blood Circulation
    • Help Prevent Venous Ulcers
    • Improve Lymphatic Drainage
    • Reverse Venous Hypertension
    • Prevent Blood from Pooling in Your Leg Veins
    • Lessen the Pain Caused by Varicose Veins
    • Prevent Development of Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Reduce Orthostatic Hypotension, Which Causes Lightheadedness or Unsteadiness When You Stand



    Anti slip system ensuring your socks stays always put. 
    3D Weaving

    Soft elasticity and strong flexibility to wear comfortably, Easy on and off.

    Shock Absorption

    Helps absorb the shock from weight and activity so you can reduces the risk of knee pain.

    Sweat Resistant Fabric

    Quick and easy drying, keeps moisture away, reduces sweating & irritation.

    Antibacterial Material

    The Material can kill at least 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses within 2 hours.

    Comfort Sole

    Provide superb comfort and prevents against blister..


    You Can Wear Pro Performance Compression Socks as:

    • Support Socks for Long Drive/Trip.
    • Support Socks for Gym/Exercise.
    • Support Socks for Pregnancy.
    • Sports Socks like Running, Football, Cycling & more.
    • Work Socks for Nurses, Waitress & People who stand all day at work.
    • Medical Socks for Promoting Healthy Feet & Addressing Circulation Problems.


    NOTE: If your CALF SIZE and SHOE SIZE do not fall into the same size. ORDER BY CALF SIZE

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